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  • Provide educational outreach toward the LGBTQIA Community of color

  • Advocate and facilitate the exchange of ideas and resources between the various non-profit LGBTQIA or related orgs. of color

  • Promote a positive image of the LGBTQIA community of color and black pride

  • Promote inclusive and diverse representation within the community

  • Recognize and celebrate the substantial achievements within our community

2018 Community Partner

Pride Week 2018 Updates:

charlotte black pride 2019: july 17-21

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Let's Collaborate!

The Board of Directors of Charlotte Black Gay Pride are excited to work with our community organizations and businesses. If you are interested in partnering on a future event or connecting for Pride week, please contact our Development Director. Jermaine N. Lee can be reached at

Address: 555 South McDowell Street, North Tower, Charlotte, NC 28204
Phone: (704) 372-9610

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Ambassadors Circle:

​Valerie and Michelle Riley
Your Custom Catering and Events
Tonya Ashcraft
Richard Hurley
Gladece Knights
Robbie Howell and Dr. John Hall
Connie Vetter
​Ken Tinnin

​Piedmont Unitarian Universalist Church

​Veronica Daughety of Shack<LeSS

Robert Dogen

​Ann Hooper & Kathryn Mahan

​Marva Morris

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Charlotte black gay pride's theme
for 2018 is "I AM..."


In a society where you’re constantly bombarded with images of how to dress, how to look, how to think and how to react to news and events that impact your world, we invite you to take a moment to stop and embrace who you are! You fill in the blank of what comes after that…

I AM… Intentional

I AM… Brave

I AM… Powerful


We have five days full of activities for attendees this year. Please see the flyers below and the Pride Week tab for details and event content. 

Charlotte Black Gay Pride

has been a visible part of

the community since it

started in 2005. After a

successful Pride Week 12 years ago,

we promised more programming and events in the years to come!.

Join Charlotte Black Gay Pride through the 2017-2018 Pride year for more community events and programs as we celebrate for 365 days, all leading up to CBGP Week.

Visit our CBGP 365 page listed under the Pride Week tab for details on our year full of activities.

What's New?

Welcome to charlotte!

New Host Hotel



​​​CBGP strives to:


More Information Coming Soon.


We are pleased to welcome you to Charlotte Black Gay Pride Week on July 25 - 29, 2018 We are honored that you have chosen Charlotte for this event and we trust you will find Charlotte a friendly, inclusive and welcoming city.

Charlotte recognizes the value of being committed to equality and inclusion. We want every visitor, resident and worker to feel that their voice is heard and they can participate fully in our community without fear of discrimination.

We are pleased to share our dynamic and innovative city with such a diverse group. Though we are a city of nearly one million people, we still have the heart of a small town. We will always be a community where community service is more than an ideal, it is a way of life. The strength of our community lies in our willingness and ability to work together: the faith community, our non-profit groups, our businesses and the thousands of neighborhood leaders who every day volunteer their time and effort to improve our city, often without recognition.

We hope you will find time during your visit to enjoy some of the many amenities our city has to offer including: The Bechtler Museum of Modem Art, the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts & Culture and the NASCAR Hall of Fame. In addition, our vibrant Center City includes a mix of dining, entertainment, and cultural amenities that are distinctly Charlotte.

Again, we are pleased to have you join us in Charlotte and we welcome the opportunity to share our southern hospitality with you!